Bye bye 2016, Hello 2017

A new year is upon us! This year was a pretty damn great year and I will once again write a small update on what is going on with me in a blogpost. As has become quite obvious, I have written very few blogposts in the past year, in fact it is getting less and less each year so I fear that this might be the only blogpost of what is now just 2017 for quite some time.

2016 was a pretty damn great year, I got married which is of course a major highlight in ones life, but I also started working in the University Hospital of Leuven as a software engineer writing Java code.

I've never before made new years resolution, but this year I will try to give it a shot anyway. As it is hard to predict beforehand how a year will turn out, these things are as always susceptible to change but I will try to follow it as much as I can, and I will just make rather modest claims and will limit myself to two concrete goals.

First of all, I want to improve my knowledge of Haskell. I am not starting from scratch here, I picked up the well-known LYAH (Learn yourself a Haskell for great good) around the summer of 2016 and through a rather busy shedule (planning a wedding, new job, ..) managed to finish about half of it and write some small programs in Haskell, mostly solving problems from ProjectEuler.

As to how I will improve my Haskell knowledge, it mostly consists of finishing LYAH and continuing with "real world haskell" or another book that I have yet to decide on. In addition, I spend some time mostly lurking in the #haskell irc group on freenode which is one of the most pleasant IRC chatrooms that I have ever encountered, with interesting discussions about computer science related topics and of course helpfull content for those learning Haskell.

My second claim is something that I have been trying to do for some time now but never properly got into. I would like to learn some machine learning, not something breakthrough but I would like to be able to say this time next year that I managed to write some small programs that make use of machine learning to solve some toy problems.

At this point I have no clue how much I will be able to learn, I just know that it is an interesting field of which I would like to know more. I'll pick up some books on the subject that I will try to go through.

Surely if something is interesting enough, I will blog about it. Yet it seems that I put most of my interesting projects on github nowadays. If you do want to stay more up to date with what I am doing, consider following me on github rather than on my blog.

Happy newyear!