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Bugs in Windows8

A not-so-technical post.

I've been using Windows8 for a good week now, and have encountered some bugs in
doing so, I've decided to list the bugs here and keep this updated to whether there I encounter some more.

Now for most of these, I haven't actually found a fix but have found a way to isolate the problem.

1. By far the most annoying one.

When I have an application in "Suspended" mode, whenever I move my mouse past the right bar
the whole System freezes up, the only thing you can do here is "CTRL ALT DEL" and wait for about 1-2 minutes.
So the obvious problem here being the Suspended state - the best fix for this is by terminating every Metro UI app using ALT+F4 or taskmanager.
This bug is hugely annoying when trying to write Metro style applications.


2. The Icon problem.

Sometimes Icons wont be fully rendered, resulting in a part of them either
missing or turning black. This isn't a huge problem because I never relly on
how the icons look like. Also this only seems a problem on the .NET framework applications.

3. Java crash.

More preciselly a minecraft crash. Whenever I launch this game, Windows8 acts
as an anti-addiction method, resulting in a complete system crash. (It even skips the bluescreen..).

4. IE10 crash.

Now because this version of IE10 solely runs on Windows8, I can't be 100% sure
that this is a problem with Windows8. At random moments IE10 just throws an error, restarts the webpage and you can go on surfing.

5. IE10 freeze.

Sometimes a website freezes, the UI is still responsive (as in, you can change the URL) but you can't click on any buttons anymore.
Navigating to another website is disabled aswell, and the whole webpage is stuck.
A fix for this isĀ  dragging the tab into another IE10 application. This will make the whole webpage work again and shut down the original IE10 application.

6. Logoff "freeze"

Don't know whether you can call this a real freeze. But I left for university so I clicked logoff - came back about 7 hours later just to see my pc was still
showing the "Logging off..." screen.

The only thing I could do at this point was do a restart with the power button.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think this was caused by the windows updates having been installed.

7. Shutdown..issue.

Just like Windows shuts down to avoid me having an addiction to minecraft, it avoids me shutting down Windows8 as to keep my addiction to PC's alive.
I press Shutdown, my pc shuts down and restarts himself. To make sure I didn't click the wrong button, I tried it again straightafter . No success, it just reboots.
Fixing this was well..by shutting down trough the command line. "Shutdown /s".


8. Spellchecking issue.

Now this is not related to IE10. Whenever I type something on a website in English, my spellchecker is kind enough to underline every word
(Because my mother-tongue is Dutch). This results in the whole webpage lagging, so I type about 1 character per second.
This bug is pretty common appereantly, but a way around this is by terminating the spellchecking process.