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Quantum Random Number Generator

Though this blogpost is not related to C# or microsoft, like most of my blogs are, this one is still interesting for most people reading this. The subject is important in 2 of my favorite things, computer science and physics.

When you want to generate a random number, most people will opt for an algorhythm, but because this random number is then determined with an algorithm, it is possible to predict the outcome.
There are applications in which you want to generate a truly random number, and the best way to do so is by using nature. There are events in nature that you can’t predict and thus always have random outcome.

Now researchers at the Australion National University (ANU) have developed the fastest random number generator in the world. In order to do so they have used a very sensitive light detector, that listens to vacuum, the region of empty space. In the past people thought of empty space as actually being “empty” or “dark”. But that was before the quantum theories that state that vacuum still has virtual sub-atomic particles that appear and disappear spontaneously.
Because these particles appear at random, “listening” to them will cause you to generate random numbers each time. This process happens many times in a second so you’ll get a bunch of numbers very quickly.

This random number generator is online and free for everyone.
The link can be found below: