Creating of – “I am Tea” Parody




The progress so far is that I’ve modeled a fridge and some pots and pans. Also the lighting has had a change! I didn’t want it too realistic as I’m making this scene as a parody of a Unity game.


Someone out their may find this helpful. But I spent maybe a little longer than I needed to do this. I wanted to basically have the tea inside a tea bag in 3ds max to actually semi-realistically. Meaning I didn’t want a static texture. I wanted it to wobble slightly.

The first method I tried is using FLEX and WIND, having  the wind rotation not affected by parent. This method… Worked somewhat, but I didn’t really feel comfortable putting into a big scene without it causing lag/issues (it kept coming outside the box when turning, I added a box deflector to fix it, but then it became way to laggy for the scene).

This is my final method I used.



So for the final output, done the same thing as I did with the wind, I made sure that I un-ticked the rotation inherit for the space warp ffd. This seemed to work a charm! I know it’s not realistic, I would simulation particles I wanted it exactly realistic. I wanted something short, snappy and to work.

The script has been written for this scene and the voice actor narrated the audio.

Now to storyboard the animation (with drafts).

DRAFT 1 – This is a very basic animation test.

Now i’ve got the physics down for the tea leaves (inside bag). I have now started to play with the strings. For one of the scenes, I wanted a “double barreled tab tea bag” to swing between pans. To do this, rather than manual key frame, I thought I’d let 3D Studio Max do it for me. So I’ve creating a massFX bone inside the cylinder. Then actually i’ve made the tea bag a bone, with the tabs being a simple kinematic bone at the top. Meaning I move the top bone to affect the children. This infact, is what “if it was a real game” how it’d play. Moving the top bone!

Here’s a screenshot of the concept.

2Notice that I’ve not used many bones, I’ve actually got a turbo smooth on top of the mesh, meaning I don’t need to it be that accurate because after all, I’m trying to sim a “unity-style” game.


The gif above, is me simulating the idle tea bag. Notice how the inside keeps a static flat shape. It’s simple enough, but small touches like this makes a big different. Especially if I was to manually key-frame this.

The tea inside the bag still has some clipping. But the physics seam to work!


After playing the game “I am bread” some more to see what similar objects I can place in, I noticed that there’s a lot more “dirt” in the scene. Like the floor of course should have footprints as the bread shouldn’t run across it. So I do have some slight foot



Above is the final video. I needed something to showcase my “physics” skills in 3Ds Max, decided i’d do it in a more productive way than just randomness. So I decided to make a rather quick parody trailer. I’m not sure if I over killed it, but hope you guys enjoyed it!!!


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