3Ds Max – Physics.

I thought of the idea of making a baseball bat hit a rather brittle wall.

Here’s the first draft. I used the fracture script (which I’m sure you’ve heard of) and broke a small section of the wall. Then repeatedly broke those into manageable pieces.

Second draft has the bulk textures added. Though it’s a “draft” render. The actual render itself looks like the below image.

I modeled the bat itself too, you can see the detail in it much better with this quality render.

hit wall

If I slapped a simple paint texture on the outside I think this will be complete just by adding some motion blur. But, when adding the wall paper texture, I thought in real life, the pieces would actually full off with near to no wall paper on? the paper itself would rip off and be attached to a few pieces. So I’m going to try using some cloth simulation on the wall. Attaching the front facing mesh to the cloth, then adding tears, might look more realistic!!!


retextureAdded the cloth! Decided to use mCloth instead of normal 3Ds Max cloth. Worked a charm.

Using Crazy Bump to gen some nice bump maps for the stone texture, then basically just adding some motion blur, adding a few other objects into the scene itself.




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