Improving Quicksilver Hardware Render Quality

How To Improve Quality

I’m a massive fan of GPU rendering, I found this rather… EPIC trick. But first, ill explain the little things. Also this is available in video form.


Let’s say you’ve enabled quicksilver hardware render

  • Increase the BITMAP size of your light! This makes a massive difference when trying to achieve a higher quality render. Do this by selecting the light, modify panel, Shadow Map Parameters and then increase the size of the shadow map. I use 1024 in the tutorial.
  • increaseBitmapThen we enable all of the fun stuff in Render setup (F10), Turn Lighting and Shadow to Very High, Enable AMBIENT OCCLUSION, INDIRECT ILLUMINATION AND INDIRECT LIGHTING SHADOWS.


You’ll notice there is multiplier and Sample Distribution area that I’ve put a nice red box around. The small the sample area, the better it will look. But in some cases, you will put this up high because you wont want any color bleeding.

Do a test render…. For me it’s still, frames only take 3s~ to render 1080p


Here’s how to fix the pixilation issue! (God damn it, I wish I knew this when I first got my GTX 980).

  • Click “view” then select viewport configuration
  • Texture maps by default is set to 512… Increase this badboy to what ever you highest texture in the scene is… I for example use 2048


Now take a look at the same scene. Barely any increase in render time, yet the quality is literally x4 as good (bitmap wise).

1 6

It’s a dramatic change in how it looks! Looks half decent, in fact I’m rendering my latest project using this method. Please remember, you maybe want to put the iterations or the render time up if you want it to look better. This is also recommended if you’re making a video rather than a frame because you may encounter some flickering (or just increase the sample distribution area if flickering is still there)

Hope this helped some people!

Leave a comment if it did, if not take a look at the video I made. I explain the exact same tips but via a British accent.

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