Sheeping around (24 hours)

Sometimes I get a little stuck on what to make. Othertimes I have a random thought and just need to make what I’m thinking. This… Is one of those times.

I did a fast drawing of it, then a draft image in photoshop mocking up what I had in mind into 1 image.


Yes, that looks strange. But it took 5 minutes. It’s just to explain the layout of the image I want. Plus I want black legs, as well as a teeth on the sheep!


Now, the sheep itself. I decided to opt for blob mesh!


Blob mesh with a bunch of spheres inside the sheep. The sheep does look pretty decent without wool, but I decided to use hair and fur ALL over the place on this project.


This is using some HELIX splines duplicated it its own editable spline and added as hair and fur. I think it looks good! I’m looking for the fur to go in on itself. The clumps give that spread away effect. For the actual sheep, i’ll add more hair and make it shorter and thinner.


Progress! Now it’s looking a lot like the draft I drew yesterday. I’m thinking of maybe using depth of field in 3Ds max, then maybe some more advanced post-processing.

I might change the sheeps colour, the black seems a little too strong for its face. Also I might change the eyeballs, they look a little too realistic compared to the scene. I need to add  a bg hill. The only other things after that is a random object on the left, maybe a flower – not sure yet!



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