Creating an Eyeball/ Iris in 3Ds Max

I took a very detailed look into the eye of a human. I noticed that it almost has a “hair” look in the iris itself. I decided to actually attempt to re-create this. I did it using rather simple splines and rotating them.



Simple half sphere with Diffuse texture (veins with bumpmap) radial opacity map and reflection raytrace of 5.


The iris

A black sphere. With hair looped around it. The hair was a simple “frizz” style. Then turned to mesh. The mesh then had another radial texture added to it.

End result


I think it looks fantastic! It’s a great to do a nice close-up on something so simple as an eye.

2 thoughts on “Creating an Eyeball/ Iris in 3Ds Max

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    The lighting is simple – move the eye to a new layer, create a new lamp and make the lamp affect only this layer. Position the lamp at a good angle so you have a small shiny spot of specular light on one side of the iris and a soft spot of “refracted” light on the other side. You can use a backlight to prevent the eyeball from being too dark at the non-illuminated part.

    1. Sean Mcgee - Admin Post author

      Thank you! I don’t have a beauty render for this yet. I was thinking about doing so, creating some realistic skin texture and pretty much following what you said above :)

      Thanks again

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