Creating camera shutter effect in 3Ds max

This tutorial is on creating a camera shutter effect in 3Ds max. There are many different ways too create it, this one is using UVW plane and some simple box morph targets. This means that if all of the other morph targets are a reference, then they will all move at the same speed as the main shutter. – It’s better explained in the video.

On a similar note, check out this tutorial I made on IK solvers in 3Ds max. This works very well with it! I’ve experimented in using the shutters as eyes.

One thought on “Creating camera shutter effect in 3Ds max

  1. Jeff Fleetwood

    Great Video. But when I use the Morpher, it is collapsing the box from the left and right to it’s center. Not from right to left. What did I miss?

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