I decided to make an events page on my blog to show what I have done/ any events I plan to do in the near future.

  • UK Animation festival at the University of Bedfordshire
  • University of Bedfordshire GameJam, around January 2012

We made a western style game, images of this can be found in my portfolio at

  • Microsoft in Belgium – Windows 8 appathon (2 events), August 2012
    Me and Dylan Meeus ( made a brain trainer application for windows 8
  •  University of Bedfordshire – Guinness book of records! GameJam with Train2Game and Microsoft, September 2012
    We made a windows 8 game with the theme “Pride in London” which was a side scrolling game involving royal guards and the queen!
  • Bletchley park – Presentation to MVP and Microsoft Employees about MSP program
  •  Appy Christmas, Location: Modern Jago Dec 17th/18th Worked on graphics for a few apps in W8
  • MSP Summit, Modern Jago Feb 23rd & 24, Did a small presentation on the 24th about iOS and Android conversion.
  • HEA STEM Teaching and Learning Programming for Mobile and Tablet Devices 26/June (metropolitan university) – Small presentation on iOS/Android competition winner
  • Campus Party 2013, O2 Arena September 2nd to 6th, Being a Microsoft Ambassador for the week!
    This included working with a 3D printer and demoing Windows 8.1
  • UoL City – MSP, Dreamspark and Imagine cup presentation on November 27th 2013
  • Global gamejam 24-26th January 2014 at the University of Bedfordshire 2014
    Created the horror game “synced” using Unity3D and using the oculus rift
  • Presentation February~ on dynamic vector material morphing addressed to 2nd year university student
  • Brains EDEN Cambridge University Hackathon July 4th – 7th July 2014

We won runners up & a Hyundai T7 each  on a game called Castle Tilt, this is an amazing position considering there was teams from around the world at the event

  • London 3D Studio Max Usergroup 3rd September 2014
  • 3D Printshow London 6th September 2014

I strongly recommend people attend this next year! Especially if you can use your student discounts. Otherwise it’s a bit pricey, but the things in the actual show you wouldn’t really want available to the public. Otherwise everything would be broken &or stolen.

  • London 3D Studio Max Usergroup 1st October 2014
  •  Unity London Usergroup 16th of October (Microsoft UK London)
  • 3Ds max London Usergroup 5th November
  • Uniy London Usergroup 15th January 2015
  • Multiple online webinars – NOVEDGE
  • 3Ds max London Usergroup 3rd February
  • 3Ds max London Usergroup 1st June
  • GeoMob Conference (viewer) September
  • GeoDev #4 Presenter (10 minute innovation app showcase) October
  • JS Monthly x3
  • Attending various events such as TechDay, GeoMob, TechHub Tuesday.
  • Attended OxfordHack 2016 Hackathon
  • 2 Talks at Esri European Dev Summit (Open Data and Building Web 3D Applications with ArcGIS JS API)
  • Hack The Holidays 2016 Hackathon
  • Attended: State of JavaScript 2017
  • Talk at GeoMob  on app I created called “What Are You Looking at?!”
  • Talk at JS Monthly (London) On JavaScript, 3D and the World of Mapping.
  • Presented and run workshop – WarwickHack hackathon 2017
  • Presented – HackUPC 2017
  • Presented – GeoDev #5 The Exciting World of 3D – Presenting on 3D, JS API and CityEngine.
  • Presented – Esri UK annual conference (Developer floor).
  • Attended: LUUG London (ARM 2)
  • Attended: 3Ds Max Monthly – Unreal
  • Presented – GeoDev Meetup – Making Maps With JavaScript and Pizza
  • Presented – Esri Developer Summit 2017 – Developing with 3D in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript
  • Presented – HalfStack Conference London 2017
  • Presented – GeoDev Meetup – Making Maps Look Good
  • Presented – TechCrunch Disrupt (Hackathon pitch) 2017

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