Thank you for viewing my portfolio.

I do prefer the cartoon and stylised animation and graphics. But, I can create BIM/accurate models. Most of these are experimental challenges I tackled using 3D Studio Max.

 Animation Portfolio


2D Graphics Examples

Contact me at s.mcgee@it-ca.net

You can find examples of my work on my blog, youtube and deviant Art.


4 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. mark

    hey, ive seen your videos on youtube but because i am deaf i wonder if you could be kind enough to do a step my step text tutorial for me on modelling and uv mapping for 3d max 2014. I have noticed alot of tutorials are on youtube but none cater for the deaf

    Thank you in advance

    1. Sean Mcgee - Admin Post author

      Hey Mark!

      The auto captioning on YouTube is still rather bad, the only thing I can recommend is maybe learning the shortcuts, then trying watching my videos in full screen. Most of them should be 1080p and you should be able to follow the cursor. So with the keyboard input knowledge you’d be able to at least follow what I do.

      I personally learnt aspects of 3Ds max from reading books like the 3Ds Max Bible. Much better authors with much more experience than me!



  2. mark

    Hey Sean.

    Thank you for the reply.

    I think i will get the book you have suggested because reading is a little easier for me than watching a video over and over to see what people are doing.


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